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E-Learning Solutions

This is very comprehensive e-Learning Management System (LMS) for any kind of institution or lecturer. Our e-Learning system provides all features you would want to have using this kind of a system. Ultimately you could provide online lessons to your audience through our e-learning solution. There are so many advantages you could achieve using this system, those including,

  • Manage Courses you provide to the student
  • Manage, enroll and keep track of students who have registered with your institution
  • Manage and keep track of any lecturer who gives lectures in your institution
  • Distribute any lesson or course material to students of a specific course
  • Lecturers can distribute online lessons in any format including PDF, Word documents, Audio, Video etc...
  • Lecturers can post any assignment to the student who have enrolled to his course
  • Lecturers can post any questionnaire, survey or any other thing to the students
  • Students can submit assignments, questionnaire answers, feedbacks for surveys etc....
  • Lecturer then can review, grade, give badges to students based on their marks
Above advantages are just the basics and we could provide you any other specified features as your business need.

Only a few famous institutions are providing this facility to their students at the moment, and they are not using full features of an e-learning system. We recommend you to use every feature you can achieve using this system, and it would increase your institute's reputation over other institutions which are not catching up with the latest technologies.

Ultimately, our e-Learning system could enable you to build an online institution which provides tutorials for students who are in any location in the world. We believe our e-Learning system could lead you to achieve your ultimate goal of your institution.
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