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Open Source Solutions

Most of Businesses in Sri Lanka tend to use Windows or other Software systems which should be licensed without licensing them. this is an illegal action that can decrease your business reputation if caught. Your customers will not trust your solutions anymore. There are many reasons why you should not use any premium software without licensing, and one of them is , if that system crashes while you do some business process using it, it will also crash the work you were doing using that unlicensed application.

There are two ways you can resolve this issue. one is of course purchasing licenses for the application, but since those licenses are more expensive, your profit may also reduced due to purchasing licenses. And the other solution is to use "Linux Systems".

Open source systems are software that distributes its source code to the world for free of charge. Therefore thousands of developers throughout the world improve these systems as they can perform well. So having open source systems will not add a risk to your business process.

There are several advantages you can achieve using open source products,

  • Minimum TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Better ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Systems are more secure
  • Better performances

  • Linux OS (Operating systems) for your desktop computers instead of Microsoft Windows
  • Linux Server OS for your Servers instead of Microsoft Network Operating Systems (eg: Windows server 2008)
  • Linux Firewall systems instead of Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortinet firewalls
  • Linux Proxy and VPN servers instead of using non-powerful proxies and vpns
  • Linux web servers instead of Microsoft IIS
  • Business Email Servers inside your company for creating your company email addresses (such as

Open Source solutions(Linux) are the trending systems due to their low cost and powerfulness. they are very flexible as you can customize those as your business need. Please contact us for more details about our Open Source Solutions.