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Information Security Solutions

Information is the most valuable thing you can have inside your business. It is the core of your business specially for banks. Therefore having a leakage of information inside your business to other competitors will make your business suffer more and more since the most of your customer details, product details and other classified information are the facts that drive any kind of business. If you really think of your business, why don't you care more about information. Information is the thing you must keep inside a box as unauthorized persons can't access it.

Since information of your business is in soft format or inside computers, you can't have them inside a well secured box. you can't secure information by having security guards with guns most of the time. they are accessible via the internet where your security guards can't see. Sometimes you even don't know that information has been leaked. they are just virtual. The only thing you can see is the loss of your profit due to an information leakage.

That is why every information security organization recommend businesses to test the level of information security inside your business frequently to reduce the information leakages. And that is where we can help you to test and tie the security level of your business information. so only the needed people will be able to access only the needed information and any access to any information will be logged as you can review it.

Our security solutions include,

  • Network Vulnerability testing
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Network Infrastructure Security Solutions
  • Business Management Systems vulnerability testing
  • Network Security Testing
  • Wireless Security Testing
  • Securing your Servers (File Servers, Mail Servers, Application Servers)
  • Securing your emails
  • Securing Internet access

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