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VCNET is a leading Business Systems Integration company based on Matara,
Southern province.

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Our Services

    Most of your customers may have internet access nowadays, therefore enabling them to read about your business solutions in the Internet is a grate opportunity to promote your business with a minimum cost.
    Business Management Systems perform a big part of any business these days. As production process become more and more complicated for small to medium to large businesses and need to be efficient to increase the clarity, reliability and integrity of the business process.
    Most of Businesses in Sri Lanka tend to use Windows or other Software systems which should be licensed without licensing them. this is an illegal action that can decrease your business reputation if caught. Your customers will not trust your solutions anymore.
    We provide Network Solutions for your business as all your devices can work together to form a great integration among systems, leading to increase in final production in your company.
    Keep track of your devices are more important because failing one of devices within your business may cause you a serious loss. Specially Network devices including Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Servers including File servers, Application servers are highly sensitive devices.
    Information is the most valuable thing you can have inside your business. It is the core of your business specially for banks.
    This is very comprehensive e-Learning Management System (LMS) for any kind of institution or lecturer. Our e-Learning system provides all features you would want to have using this kind of a system.
    Sending and receiving information via post, fax are now obsoleted. They are slow and unsecured. you can't always trust those media to send your important business information as your competitors may notice them.
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